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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Possible theme/genre choices

Please post your possible music genres and themes for your semester assignment!


  1. **RE-POSTED**

    I'm thinking something along the lines of:
    ~Country/Pop Crossover
    ~Break-ups in Youth Pop
    ~Storytelling through Taylor Swift songs (I know that's not a genre, but I couldn't think of a more broad way to put it)

    These are clearly not definite ideas, so I need some suggestions :)

  2. For my music genere I'm most likely going to do Alternative.

    For my theme I'm thinking:

    Trust and Acceptance

  3. Im having trouble deciding on themes for my blog. My decisions are either urban violence & poverty in hip hop or domestic violence in relationships. Which one should i go with?

  4. hey Ms.Malone! for my theme i was thinking of doing love in alternative in alternative/pop-punk music

  5. My genre is acoustic songs and these are some ideas for a theme...
    ~Perspective On Life through acoustic songs
    ~Heartbreak through acoustic songs
    ~Moving on through acoustic songs...
    any other ideas?

  6. Music Genre:Rock/Alternative

    Themes:Pain/Anger through Grunge/90's
    Hardship through Rock/Alternative
    Sadness/Depression through Alternative

  7. i was thinking of doing love/relationships/ heartbreak in alternative. not too sure though.

  8. I'm thinking about loving despite imperfections in alt rock for my theme. im also considering the theme of growing up in metal or breakups in hard rock. I don't know how good any of these ideas are.

  9. I have changed my ideas slightly; they are now:
    ~Break Ups in Pop
    ~Storytelling (Narratives) in Crossover
    ~Message/Inspiration in Pop (i.e. "Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer)

    Liz - I don't know much Alternative, but Society sounds like a good option.

    Tyana - the Hip-Hop choice sounds more plausible, you can probably find more songs for it.

    Aron - your theme sounds great!

    Krista - Perspective on Life through Acoustic sounds really good and something different than most of us will do.

    Rob - Hardship could be interesting, it seems broad enough for you to make it into what you want it to be.

    Shannon - As long as you have the genre picked out, you can do any of those themes. Probably choose whichever you can find more songs for.

    Jackie - We already had a 'discush' and your first theme is good to go :)

  10. Re-posting...

    Okay so here are a few of my ideas...

    Liberation Through Rock Music
    Optimism and Inspiration in Alternative Rock
    Newfound Love in Modern Rock

    Anybody: feel free to tell me what you think :)

  11. Liz: We talked today and I really like your idea of doing Society :)

    Krista: I like your idea of Perspective on Life :)

    Rob: I like the Hardship through Rock/Alternative because there are so many types of hardship you can do, so you can have a lot of options.

    Shannon: I think any of those topics would be good for Alternative, you could do a lot with them.

    Jaclyn: I really like you idea of Love Despite Imperfections in Alt. Rock, it sounds really interesting!

  12. i am doing storytelling in 80's music

  13. I have chosen Regret in Rock & Roll for my topic.

  14. Liz, I think that the theme of society is a good choice! There are many artists that sing about that stuff like John Mayor for example. (If you would classify him under that genere.)

  15. For my topic I have chosen Love in Country!

  16. Hey so here are some of my choices. I already posted on the first blog but I changed some of them.
    Genre- HipHop/ Rap
    Let me know what you think :)

  17. My Comments:
    Sarah T.: I think that you're choice of doing love in country is a good choice because I think you can do a lot with that.
    Rob S: Regret in Rock and Roll sounds like it could be really interesting. I do not really listen to Rock and Roll, but from what I hear, regret is a nice choice.
    Kayla H.: I like your idea of breakups in Pop music because a lot of songs these days are about breakups.
    Aron B: I really like your idea of love in alternative/pop-punk music because even though a lot of artists are writing about breakups these days, a lot of the artists are also focusing on love. I think you will be able to do a lot with this theme.
    Elizabeth E.: Even though I do not listen to alternative music, I like your idea of relationships through alternative because that is what most artists are focusing upon these days. Even though I do not know much about what you could do with society, that also sounds interesting and I'm looking forward to see what exactly you choose.

  18. i was thinking of doing either
    Heartbreak/love in alt. rock
    Teen angst in grunge
    Depression expressed through alt. rock
    tell me what you think

  19. After looking at some of my favorite bands, I noticed that a lot of their songs dealt with regret in one way or another. In some way my theme found me instead of me searching for it.

    Tyana- Your idea of domestic violence. It is a very deep topic and you could do a lot with that.

    Krista- The acoustic angle is very unique and not many bands nowadays sound as good without all the tech.

    Kayla- The Message in Songs theme is cool. Your focus would be on the lyrics and not just the beat. P.S. I HATE JOHN MAYER!

    Keegan- Your Storytelling in the 80' could be interesting to see what bands you use. Pat Benatar's(mom's fav) music can relate to your theme.

    Jaclyn- I like how you focused your theme of love around imperfections. Look forward to seeing the results and learning about new alt. rock bands.

  20. I'm horrible at decisions and so to be difficult, I came up with another option: Longing in Pop Music (i.e. songs about trying to keep a relationship together or wanting it back once you've broken up).

  21. i am actually changing my theme genre to
    anger/despair in rock and alternative music. I switch because i feel there are many more songs with this genre than before.

    Shannon: Heartbreak can be found in any genre, so that is a good choice.

    Rob S:Regret is a tough topic, but i feel you can find some interesting songs that many people may not know, yet they are really good.

    Sarah T: Love in Country is a very good topic and should be easy to find songs that are in your genre.

    Kayla H: Many songs contain a strong message, and i am interested to see what different songs you can find that bring out inspiration.

    Tyana J: I think focusing on urban violence and poverty in hip hop music is an excellent choice. Many songwriters focus on this genre, for example, Lil Wayne's "Tie My Hands" focuses on the poverty in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

  22. I'm going to do either rebellion in punk/ early alternative or hardships in pop-punk/alternative
    Sarah-I think love in country is a very good because there are many songs with that
    Shannon- Heartbreak happens in almost every song in rock
    Keegan- 80's storytelling might be hard to find
    Rob- Regret will be easy to find in certain bands but hard with others
    Ashlie- Struggle in Rap is an interestingtopic

  23. kayla: we discussed your ideas in class but i really like the message idea. john mayer would be king for that.

    rob: i think regret in rock and roll is a cool theme. i wouldn't even have thought of it but its a good idea.

    tyana: i feel like songs about domestic violence would be hard to find when you can only use one genre but if you know some already thats a good idea. and i would choose either poverty or violence, not both. rap/hip-hop is a good genre for either one

    krista: acoustic is awesome but heartbreak would probably give you the most options to choose from

    kim: optimism and inspiration would be good to find songs for because you will be happy while working on the project

  24. keegan- i like the whole 80's thing

    rob- i like the regret in rock and roll is cool, its different and i like it!

    sarah- love in country is probably easy, and makes sense!

    conor- i like the rebellion in punk

  25. I was thinking for my blog that I would do something along the lines of Vietnamese-American Teenage Pop Love. I think thatthis would be a good idea because I am Vietnamese-American and I kinda want other people to get a taste of what kind of music is appealing to young Vietnamese Americans like me right now.

    Kayla- I think that picking any of the topics is good. Having too many options is hard for me too. :P

    Tyana- I like the hip-hop option.

    Aron- Your theme sounds really cool.

    Dani- I think that teen angst in grunge will be different and interesting if you chose it.

    Ash- I like the struggles one, I think that it will be different.

  26. i think i might pick alternative because it is such a broad catogory. I might do something like relationships, past events affecting the future, or something like that.

    i like the idea's for hip hop and country because are they not only types of music but also lifestyle. the who grunge thing it was kinda a 90's fad that didnt last that long and theres always a reason behind it

  27. I've been thinking about this and honestly the only thing I could come up with is 20th century rock that relates to dealing with a lose or fighing off death or something crazy like that

    Liz- I think the genre but I think you should atleast narrow it down to two but still awesome.

    Dani- I like all three and they are similar and can go in so many different directions.

    Judy- I love it i can't wait to see what you post.

    Kayla- I think longing would be hard in pop but then again I don't really listen to it. Maybe in country or maybe new-wave rock (i.e. dashboard confessional, all american rejects ect)

    Aron- love the idea I think it can go so many different way I'm kind of pumnped to see it

  28. Okay, lets try this again. The genre I have picked for my blog is Counrty music. I am thinking about doing it on Growing up because everybody can relate in their own way to atleast one song on my blog. Also, I'm hoping people will focus on alot on the lyrics and stories these artists will tell. I hope everyone find a new appriciation for Country least one song.. :P

    Kayla H- I think the idea of the Storytelling
    is awesome because every artist has their own story to tell.

    Keegan S- ^Same thing, look forward to it.

    Krista- I love all of your ideas because their really easy to find, good to listen to, and acoustic ANYTHING is good.

    Judy- Really good idea, different and cool to hear something new.


  29. i'm thinking for my possible three genres is,
    1. loyalty in hardcore
    2. car crashes in rock
    3. need for change in classic rock

    i have finally decided after weeks of going back and forth to stick with need for change in classic rock.

  30. My comments on other choices-

    1. Danielle I defintately think teen agnst in grunge would be an awesome choice to do! I definately think you could find alot of options in there to do.
    2. Katie I think your gropwing up in country music would be cool to hear. It's such an easy topic to relate to and I'm sure there's enough out there for it.
    3. Sara I think that love in country music would be really easy and cute to do.
    4. Tyana I really like your idea for urban violence and poverty in hip hop! It would be totally different than what other people are doing.
    5. Rob I think hardship in rock would be a good idea and relatable in alot of different ways.

  31. I was thinking country/rap/hip-hop like a mix or upbeat songs



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